Trip To Origin of Costa Rica San Marcos Especial

In March of this year we sent our Production Manager, Mike McElwain, on a trip to Costa Rica. His mission was to source one very special coffee for O’Henry’s.

Mike visited the five great growing regions of Costa Rica. The most famous of which is called Tarrazu. The area is mountainous with a mild climate, plentiful rainfall and lush flora. He visited numerous small coffee farms (fincas) and tasted dozens of coffees. The people he met were warm, friendly and inviting…like the land. They have a love and dedication to coffee that is respected throughout the world.

We sample roasted and did a cupping (tasting) of 9 coffees Mike brought back for us to try. One, from the Vargas family, emerged the clear choice. Luis Hernan Vargas and his son Christian have two tiny farms comprising about 10 hectares of land. The farms are in the Tarrazu region and the sub region of San Marcos. The elevation is about 5000 feet which produces a bright, clean taste in the coffee similar to fine wines from higher altitudes.

We have only 5 bags of their green coffee to roast. It just arrived at the Port of New Orleans. This San Marcos Especial is a “one of a kind” coffee due to the farming practices and micro-climate in which it is grown. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Well done, Mike!

Mary and Randy Adamy

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