How To Boost Sales Over The Holidays

Christmas Blend CoffeeChristmas Blend

We start roasting it the week of October 30th.  It is available in 5 pound bags, 12 ounce retail gift bags and 2 ounce sampler bags.  We have the ability to private label the 12 ounce retail bags with your name/logo on them.  If you’ve carried it in previous years you know how popular this item is.

House Blend Beans

Some of you already have us package your House Blend coffee in 12 ounce foil gift bags.  The holiday season is when these sell best as people give them as gifts, especially when they travel.  Giving a taste of their “hometown coffeehouse” makes the gift special.  If you are not doing this, and would like to consider it, just give us a call.  We can put exactly what you want on the labels.

Baked Goods

For those of you with the equipment, holiday oriented baked goods will generate extra sales.  Just one or two unique items can be enough.  Consider jumbo Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Easy to make and bake and you can sell for $3.95.  You can freeze the cake part and frost daily as needed for zero waste.

If you have any questions or other ideas, call or email here.

The OHenry’s Coffee Team

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