The Top 1%  Honest.  Coffees grown around the world vary tremendously in quality.  Think about what beans go into instant and freeze-dried coffees.  We have been buying from some of the same farmers and coops for over 20 years.  They share our passion for quality.

Roasting – It isn’t just adding heat to green, unroasted beans to make them turn brown.  Not by a long shot.  Each bean has its own characteristics.  Caramelizing the sugars at the right time and temperature is a key factor.  It is more than light, medium or dark roasts.  Much more.

Consistency – Our origins and blends have been tested by time and tens of thousands of cups since 1993.  We use SCAA Agtron standards, and actually use an Agtron color analizer, to measure each and every roast for consistency.  The coffees we roast for you are the same we roast for our own stores.

Freshness – We look at roasted coffee like a head of lettuce.  The minute a head of lettuce is picked it starts to go downhill.  Therefore, we roast to order.  If you order Monday morning, we roast it Monday afternoon and UPS picks it up by 5pm.  If you are local, we deliver the next day.  Every bag has the air removed, nitrogen is put in the bag and it is heat sealed.  The one-way gas valve allows carbon dioxide to escape without letting oxygen in.

Recognition – We are only as good as the last batch we roasted, but we have won many awards over the years as well as nation recognition.  

  • Best of Birmingham - multiple years - Birmingham Magazine
  • Alabama Retailer of the Year 2004 - AL Retail Assoc.
  • Homewood Business of the Year 2013 - Homewood Chamber of Commerce
  • Best Coffee House in AL - 2015 - 2016 - Business Insider

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